Roberto Rivellino

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Roberto Rivellino

Roberto Rivellino, born on January 1, 1946, in São Paulo, Brazil, is a legendary figure in the world of football, renowned for his exquisite skill, vision, and artistic flair on the field. Widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders in the history of Brazilian football, Rivellino left an indelible mark on the beautiful game with his dazzling dribbling, precise passing, and lethal left foot.

Early Life and Football Beginnings

Roberto Rivellino Growing up in the bustling city of São Paulo, Rivellino’s passion for football was ignited at an early age. His natural talent and flair for the game quickly caught the attention of local scouts, leading to his entry into the youth ranks of the renowned Corinthians football club. It was here that Rivellino’s journey towards football stardom began.

Club Career

Rivellino’s club career reached its pinnacle during his time with Corinthians and Fluminense. He played a crucial role in Corinthians’ success, helping them secure the São Paulo State Championship in 1977. His performances drew the attention of European clubs, and in 1973, Roberto Rivellino made a move to Italian giants, A.S. Roma, where he continued to mesmerize fans with his skillful play.

International Success

Rivellino’s international career is etched in the annals of football history, most notably for his contributions to the Brazilian national team during the 1970 FIFA World Cup held in Mexico. Wearing the iconic number 11 jersey, he played a pivotal role in Brazil’s triumph, forming a lethal trio alongside Pelé and Jairzinho. Rivellino’s deft touches, precise passing, and trademark long-range shots helped Brazil secure their third World Cup title, earning him widespread acclaim and adoration.

The Rivellino Style

What set Rivellino apart was his unique playing style, marked by a combination of flair, creativity, and technical brilliance. His ability to control the ball effortlessly, execute pinpoint passes, and unleash powerful shots from distance made him a true artist on the field. Rivellino’s trademark move, the “Elastico” or “Flip-Flap,” became a symbol of his inventiveness, leaving opponents bewildered and fans in awe.


Beyond the accolades and trophies, Rivellino’s legacy extends to his influence on future generations of footballers. Many contemporary players acknowledge him as an inspiration, citing his skillful play and commitment to entertaining football. His impact on the sport is not only seen in Brazil but resonates globally, as he remains a symbol of the beauty and artistry that football can embody.

Retirement and Post-Football Career

After retiring from professional football, Rivellino remained connected to the sport. He took on roles as a football ambassador, sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge with aspiring players. His contributions to the game extend beyond the pitch, making him a respected figure in the football community.

Roberto Rivellino’s journey from the streets of São Paulo to the grand stages of international football is a testament to his extraordinary talent and passion for the beautiful game. A true footballing icon, Rivellino’s legacy lives on in the hearts of fans, and his impact continues to shape the way the world views Brazilian football.

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